The NetLogix Team is Proud to End 2019 With a Meal Packaging Event for Rise Against Hunger

Participating in the fight against poverty in all of its forms has always been a true goal for the team at NetLogix. With the coming of the Winter Holidays, once again the NetLogix team did it’s very best to bring some joy in the lives of those who are not as privileged or as fortunate as most of us.

At an event organized by OMNI Services the team at NetLogix gave it all to help package 15.000 meals for Rise Against Hunger, an organization with the goal to stop world hunger in our lifetime. The organization established in 1998 has provided over 500 million meals in 77 countries. By distributing meals in developing countries, promoting education and encouraging children to attend school and improve students’ health and nutrition.

The partnership with OMNI Services was created when OMNI contacted NetLogix for help after being hit by ransomware twice. These two ransomware attacks cost Omni Services tens of thousands of dollars, which ultimately led to them looking for a solution. The collaboration between the companies grew more than either party could have imagined – for years now, both are actively helping organizations like Rise Against Hunger to reach their goals and feed thousands of people all over the globe.

To learn more about Rise Against Hunger, the latest steps they’ve taken in the long road towards ending hunger everywhere, and how you can help them reach their goal, visit their official website.

To learn more about NetLogix and their small business managed IT services, please visit their official website here.